Focused on quality, we follow a strict selection and continuous rating process for all our vendors to prevent counterfeit parts, products in bad conditions, delays , shortages and others. We inspect all shipments before delivery. Fast Components has established its own laboratory including:

    · X RAY TRUVIEW PRIME is used as generic X-ray inspection system, PCB inspection (BGA and QFN), it can also analyze a high magnification mode (using a transmissive x ray source).
    Our engineers mainly use this radiography analysis machine to detect semiconductor failure, for pin out, damaged hardware, voids, and matching to device blueprint analysis with geometric magnification to 1 000 X.

    · IC DETECTOR ABI SENTRY is aimed at goods inwards inspectors and designed to measure the unique electrical signature PinPrint of components. The information collected is managed through a database and is used to compare known good devices against suspect components.
    This machine reinforce the analysis of the electronics components and to verify the internal impedance of component.

    · ACETONE test can detect if there is any false coating on the part and if it has been remarked. It can determine the component authenticity.

    · MICROSCOPE CELESTRON is used in examining part marking, checking if leads have been re-attached or retinned, oxidation etc. to determine if a component is refurbished, counterfeit or in good or bad condition.

    · TL 866 II PLUS programmer has Built in MCU with high performance and high capacity USB interface at the communication speed of 12 Mbps being in line with (for each chip) well designed programming algorithm and USB high speed communications.

    Our engineers mainly use this machine to test blanks, blocks, product identification,
    memory read/write, and/or erase functions.

    We also collaborate with other independent certified laboratories if other tests are required:

    · Decapsulation
    · RoHS and solderability Analysis

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