1. Documentation

1.1. Delivery notes.- Delivery notes will be accompanied by a delivery note. The delivery note will indicate: Date, delivery note number, consignee, carrier and means of transport, FAST COMPONENTS code, description, supplier code and number of
order FAST COMPONENTS with their respective position.

1.2.- Invoices.- They will be sent in duplicate, indicating the following information:
a) Name and surname, company name or title NIF or CIF.
b) Order numbers and delivery note numbers.
c) Quantity, concept and / or material code.
d) Unit price and total value
Failure to comply with these conditions in the documentation could lead to delays in payment.

2.- Delivery of the merchandise

2.1.- The materials delivered to FAST COMPONENTS must comply with the 2002/95 / CE (RoHS) regulations.
Materials that do not conform to this directive or other standards agreed upon may be rejected by our reception service.

2.2.- The material will be understood to be placed in the FAST COMPONENTS warehouse and therefore the merchandise will travel on behalf of and Seller’s risk, unless expressly indicated.

2.3.- The transport of the merchandise must comply with current legislation
3.- Delivery date: In case of non-compliance with the delivery date, FAST COMPONENTS reserves the right to:
a) The order will be considered firm, reserving the right to compensation in case there is a delay or lack of confirmation in the
b) Consider the order canceled, in which case it will be sufficient for FAST COMPONENTS to notify the supplier.

4.- Acceptance of the merchandise by FAST COMPONENTS
The simple delivery of the merchandise to our reception staff does not means acceptance of it. For the acceptance of the material by FAST COMPONENTS the prior conformity of our receipt, regarding the quantity and of our verification service regarding its quality.

4.1. Defects or hidden defects: The complaint of defects or hidden defects of the merchandise received may be made by FAST COMPONENTS both upon receipt and at any time after it. Even if the bills had already been paid.
Likewise, FAST COMPONENTS reserves the right to claim if said defect causes malfunction in the
final product where it was intended.

4.2. Defects or non-hidden vices: The complaint of defects or vices of the merchandise received may be made from the date of
reception of the merchandise until it leaves the factory. In this case, FAST COMPONENTS may:
a) Reject the material to be replaced in the same amount, if said delay will cause urgent transport costs, they will be at the expense from the provider.
b) Reject the material, without replacement by the supplier, paying its value and expenses.
c) Reject the entire item, canceling the order, and may demand damages that may arise.
d) If there is a possibility of repair or selection with a rework, the supplier will be given the possibility to pay the labor costs of said rework directly or that pay FAST COMPONENTS and later they will be charged to the supplier. Not being able to delay said decision disposition of the material to FAST COMPONENTS

4.3.- Quantity difference The complaint for quantity difference will be made within 10 business days from receipt of the

5.- Payments.– The payment conditions will be the convenience in each order

6.- Prices.– The agreed prices are understood to be net, excluding taxes.

7.- Regarding industrial property.– By accepting these conditions, the supplier guarantees FAST COMPONENTS that the materials to be delivered have not been, nor will they be produced in contravention of patents or prohibitive licenses, as well as freedom of use and trade in materials, both in Spain and abroad, FAST COMPONENTS strictly prohibits all suppliers from using the molds, production means, designs, etc. .. affected by this order for any purpose other than its completion.

8.- Jurisdiction.– For any question that may arise in the interpretation or execution of this order, the parties renouncing the
Jurisdiction that may correspond expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona.