Excess Management

Fast Components offers offer four programs to reduce your inventory and maximize your return.
Send us your excess inventory list to excess@fast-components.com and one of our specialist will assist you.

Lot Purchase

We buy whole excess inventory for customers that want to  free their warehouse and costs related to its management. Customer get inmediate cash but returns tends to be lower than other programs.

Item buy

You send us a list of your excess inventory and we bid per items once we identify a sale opportunity. You get higher return than lot purchase, however the inventory sale is very slow and can even not be sold.

Consignment at our warehouse

You send us your suplus stock you want to sell and our specialists market it all around the world. Consigning your stock at our company increase returns because it allow us to maximize profit when we identify there is shortage of your product in the market. It tends to be the fastest way to sell your excess inventory with high return. Fast Components is consigning stocks from national and internacional manufacturers.

Consignment at your warehouse

You hold your stock, bear costs related to its management and we market it exclusively. You can get high return but sales are lower than consignement in our warehouse.